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Okay, now my PC is ready again to draw something... Currently, my goal right now is to raise at least 200~240 USD to buy a model kit Battleship Kirishima (

So, i'm opening at least 6 commission slot that spans one month and 2 weeks of my times. Depends on type of request, the price may vary-

Military-related artwork; USD 40
Normal artwork; USD 35~30

Of course, as usual, my artwork pricing is negotiable.
(OC) Sayori doing homerun hit by sai3108
(OC) Sayori doing homerun hit
a drawing of an OC i've created few days back.

Sayori of Weapon grade waifu facebook page :P

That's a breaching hammer by the way :D

Also, i've joined a drawing contest. if you can give support by voting my artwork (clicking like button)… i would be grateful

If any of you have facebook, don't forget to give support, a sincere one.
Kantai Collection -Hiei and Hiei by sai3108
Kantai Collection -Hiei and Hiei
a Drawing i've made for a certain contest.…

Since after all, the only right "they" would own is the right to "reproduce, Alter, and profit the submitted artwork" and find nothing about me posting it freely... i decide to post this.
[Commission Done] Tactical Yuubari by sai3108
[Commission Done] Tactical Yuubari
A Commission Request from my Facebook friend is finished; Kancolle Yuubari with SCAR-H SSR M.20 Mod.0 with ACOG TA31F-MODEL TA31FRMR; 4x magnification sight ACOG scope and 1.5x "red dot" sight on top... which also has a Scope Flash-kill installed.

Her chest patch is read as "6-DesDiv" [6th Destroyer Division] of the 4th IJN Fleet... and the armband on her left arm has the Nippon word of "flagship"... which is basically Yuubari's role in WW2; Flagship of the 6th DesDiv of 4th IJN Fleet
i was thinking that i could do a paid commission so that i could get me a good deal of Battleship Hiei kit-model (or diecast, depending on situation)

I have no idea nor clue on how to do this kind of commission because it's my first time doing this.

so any suggestion would be helpful; especially pricing, how to use Paypal, and payment procedue,beucause i have no idea on how to do these *laugh sadly*
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You draw guns really well! :D
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Good stuff as always man.
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Vous êtes fan de l'artiste Daito ?
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although i don't understand what you write (but i use google translator for that)

you can say i "Learn" from him
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Your work is awesome
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What happened to nearly all of the DL links for your papercraft stuff? :(
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i'm not sure myself.... i don't even remember what i did...and to this point i'm too lazy to update them though....
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Thanks for joining Pravda High School.I know we are gonna see some cool stuff.:)
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my pleasure mate
guardmn Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014
Your work is Awesome.
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