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Shinoya Arcieri
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Freelance Illustrator specialize in Military style artwork.

Current operating system:
platform: ASUS X45U
Drawing tablet: WACOM Intuos CTL-480
Current software in use: Inkscape

*Will learn to use SAI in the future*

Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear I love my TABLET stamp by RRRAI Stamp - Mouse User by firstfear

Stamp - Camera User by firstfear Digital artist stamp by WhiteKimahri Wacom Stamp by bigfunkychiken

Member of the World of tanks SEA St.Gloriana clan
GUP - St Gloriana Stamp by Azulnieve-pro

a big fan of Gunslinger girl
Gunslinger Girl Stamp by justdacat


Falling back!!! by sai3108
Falling back!!!
another random drawing i've finished. this time, testing my skills in a "blood-covered subject"

the heavy inspiration of this drawing came from the movie "American sniper" and "Lone Survivor" combined in one idea :P
'I won't collide with anyone this time!' by sai3108
'I won't collide with anyone this time!'
Mogami of Kantai Collection, one of my favorite character in Kantai Collection.… (yes, this link leads to my new pixiv account)

In real life, during the battle for Midway, Mogami was part of the Cruiser division; CRUSDIV-7, that was sent to Midway on flank speed to bombard the Midway island. Enroute to Midway, they were sighted by Submarine USS Tambor. As the order of bombarding Midway was cancelled, orders from Kumano alerted Mogami of incoming torpedo. Directed by Kumano, all of the cruiser turned 45 degree to avoid the torpedo, however she collided with her sister ship Mikuma; as Mikuma mistakenly turned full 90 degree.

In May 22nd 1944, She collided with oiler at Tokyo Bay.

And in her final sortie together with Fuso and Yamashiro at Surigao Strait, She was rammed by Nachi. After being shelled by the US Navy Cruisers, she was scuttled by Akebono in October 25th 1944.
CHAPTER 2- Soul of the damned

"Hurry up Erika, you don't want to be left behind!" Hans yelled from their Leopard 1A5's driving hatch.

"Coming!" Erika coming while still trying to wear her tank flak vest. With an agility of a well-trained athlete, she hopped onto the tank and stood on top of the turret, with Erich greeting him, also standing on top of the turret.

"Next time... Be quick when taking that dump" Erich pats her heads hard.

"Sorry" Erika naively smirked as she put her beret cap back on and hopped into her gunner compartment.

"Alright we're done here!" Erich yelled to his platoon while signalling that his tank is read; like the rest of his platoon tanks "All tanks, move out!" He signalled the other tanks as he hopped inside the commander compartment, standing on top of his seat watching his platoon's tanks firing up their engines.

"Hans, move out" Erich ordered to move the tank forward.

Momentarily, other tanks moved out. Their platoon consist of 2 Leopard 1A5, 1 Leopard 1A4, and 1 Leopard 1A3. The tank convoy exited their platoon headquarter; with the tracks rattled and engines roaring. When they reached the gates, the American Humvee convoy were already waiting for them.

Their convoy soon entered the R101 roadway that will lead them to Mitrovicë. Since they are now traveling at road speed, most of the crew; especially the turret crew of the Leopard 1 Platoon opened their hatch and enjoying the countryside.

"Say kid, I know you're not pure German and all that stuff, how exactly your mother came here to German?" Josef inquired to Erika while standing on his loader seat viewing the outside scenery, asking her using the radio connection on their headset.

"Yeah, we are wondering too" Hans also wondered.

"My mom was an Osaka-born Japanese woman. She migrated to German in around mid-90s." Erika tells her past, sitting calmly while the inside of the tank rattles by the movement "She was married 3 years later with a German workers in the Japanese embassy... I'm not sure how they met, they just married... and that was what my mom told me"

"I assume you can talk Japanese" Erich interfered.

"Y-yes sir"

"Too bad that language skills is useless here" Erich replied, making fun of her, followed by Josef's laughter.

"Hey! Cut that out! Stop making fun of her!" Hans tried to stop them "Sorry Erika... they are really like this every day"

"Uh... yeah" said Erika, still with her naive attitude confused on what happened.

"Keep your eyes on the road Hans, the last thing we want is this tank to hit another fucking deer"


-At the same time-

As the convoy travel pass forested area, they are unaware that an enemy sniper team has been watching their movement by the time they left their base. The 2-man sniper team was heavily camouflaged with Ghillie suits, and the sniper rifle protruded out and pointed towards the convoy; albeit covered with foliage to mask the rifle.

"Command post-Command post, this is Black Adder" the sniper contacted his headquarter using radio.

"Command post here" Headquarter command replied/

"I've got visual of moving convoy moving north, presumably towards Mitrovica" the enemy sniper reported "5 Bundeswehr tanks and 7 US Army's humvee"

"Standby" Headquarter command trying to verify "Roger, we have it on our sight. We'll notify our client right now"

"What are the order now Command post?"

"For now, retreat to extraction point alpha"

"Roger" He replied.

"Egressing?" the sniper asked her spotter, her female voice was clearly heard by him even though it was faint.

"Yes" He replied.


10 kilometers passed and Erich's platoon has traveled smoothly until radio chatters disrupted him. The American Humvees; mostly armed with .50cal machine gun and 40mm automatic-grenade launcher scanned the rear sector for a sign of enemy.

"Charlie Platoon, come in" the garbled radio noise soon cleared up, It was Captain Higgendorf that was contacting them.

"This is Charlie Platoon, over" Erich grabbed the radio and responded.

"What's your status?" Higgendorf asked for any update from the convoy.

"We're still on our way, arriving ETA, momentarily" Erich replied, looking around the scenery as it passes by.

"Be advised, hostile vehicles sighted few minutes ago heading towards your convoy" "The enemy might be RPG team dispatched by the enemy headquarter to intercept your convoy"

"Sheesh... they won't make our job easy..." Erich sighed "Roger command, we'll take caution if the enemy is meant for us"

"Enemy incoming?" Josef asked him after the earlier radio conversation caught his attention.

"Jawohl" Erich replied "All tanks, enemy incoming, get ready" Erich ordered the other tanks to prepare themselves.

"Roger" All 4 tanks replied. The American convoy also responded.

All of the crew later hopped inside their tanks, getting ready to intercept the incoming enemy. The loader hatches were closed and the loader getting ready to shove the main gun ammunition into the breech. Hans closed his driving hatch to prepare for the engagement.

"Get ready kid, this will be your first battle" Erich pats Erika's shoulder.

"Y-yes sir!" she replied with loud voice. She grabbed the turret traverse control and ready to engage any target sighted.

Erich stood from his commander seat and grabbed his binocular. He scanned the area for any sign of enemy. Just as their convoy passed heavy thick forest, Erich sighted the hostile vehicle; it was a Russian-made jeep mounted with Dushka machine gun; and it was manned. Next to the jeep was the disembarked enemy holding RPG rockets.

"Scheisse!" Erich cussed "Target, 11 o'clock, 900 meters"

With a swift movement, Erika traversed the turret and spots the target.

"Identified!" She yelled.

"Joe, load HEP round"

"Jawohl!" Josef responded, quickly taking the 105mm High explosive-Plastic ammunition from the hull ammunition stowage. He gently picked it and later inserted the 105mm round into the breech. As soon as the round was inserted, the breech block automatically closed, leaving the gun primarily armed.

"Up!" Josef exclaimed, a sign of the round being loaded into the breech and ready.

"Feuer Frei!"

"Achtung!" With the yell from Erika warning the loader to avoid the gun recoil, she pressed the trigger. In an instant, the 105mm HEP rounds exited the gun barrel and impacted the target. Simultaneously after the gun is fired, the breech opened, ejecting the spent brass casing into the tray just attached below the gun's big breech.

Smoke soon engulfed the turret interior as Erika trying to asses if the target is down. The shot was taken while the tank was still travelling at road speed. Their tank closes to the disabled enemy vehicle when Erich spotted something among the charred wreck of the jeep.

"Target, armed personnel!" Erich spotted one of the enemy still alive and trying to aim the RPG towards their tank "Erika, use Co-Ax!"

"Jawohl!" replied Erika. Quickly, she switched from the main gun optics to the coaxial machine gun optic just next to it and aimed the coaxial machinegun towards the enemy. In an instant, both Erika and the enemy fired their weapons.

It was Erika that claimed the first shot; the 7.62 NATO rounds fired from the MG3 Co-axial mount hits the enemy first before they can align the sight of their rockets. The enemy fell, but not before firing the rocket towards the tank. Though, lucky for them, the rocket missed by several feets up towards the air and soon detonated midair.

Everyone inside the 'Lilien' sighed of relief; especially Erika, her first combat was intense and nerve-wracking.

"Good shot kid" Erich congratulates her, patting her shoulder again, this time in more gentle motion.

"T-thanks, Feldwebel" Erika carved a smile as she tanks him.

"Now, continue looking forward, we don't want any enemy stragglers to take us out unnoticed"

"Yes sir" She replied happily. For her, it was big moment full of appreciation and happiness after being praised by her commander.

"All tanks, keep your eyes for any suspicious movement, there must be more of them lurking around trying to get us from our back"

"Roger" Milda replied as she commands her Leopard 1A4 'Rosen' to keep its pace with the lead tank 'Lilien'.

"Jawohl" Michael, the commander for the Leopard 1A5 'Lenzian' replied

"Jawohl" Ulrich, the commander for Leopard 1A3 'Callas' replied as his tank guards the middle of the American Humvee convoy.

"You can count on us to guard our back" Adelino, the commander of Leopard 1A3 'Amaryllis' replied while his tank guards the rear end of the convoy.

"We're almost there, we're now reaching Mitrovicë" Erich notifies his platoon as the town's edge is appearing on his sight.

To be continued...
Lily In the Battlefield- Chapter 2
2nd chapter of my fictional story.

if you want to drop your comment or feedback regarding this story, you're welcomed to do so :)

alternate link…
CHAPTER 1- Past and Present

The task force platoon tanks stood still on the Urban ground in Nabergjan town, all crew disembarked out of the tank, staring and mourning the fallen comrade. Everyone was shedding tears, especially Hans and Josef. Erich wasn't present in the group, so does another tank commander.

Laying on the ground covered with blanket was Albercht Higgendorf, "Lilien" gunner. The blanket didn't cover his face yet. It's clear where he has been shot; blood stained the blanket covering his chest, apparently as a result from direct hit from his back.

Hans knelt near the dead gunner, holding Albercht's metal coffee mug; with a bullet hole penetrating the mug clearly seen by anyone who saw it.

Came from nowhere, Erich and the other tank commander; a female tank commander, arrived after performing reconnaissance on the presumed position where the enemy sniper has shot Albercht.

"Anything, Milda?" The other tank commander that was mourning Albercht earlier asked the female tank commander.

"Nothing, the sniper has bugged out" She replied, looking at Erich, holding the confiscated Serbian anti-material rifle Zastava M12 "The sniper apparently left the scene in a hurry, and left one of his rifle behind for us"

Erich was still shocked and dumbfounded by Albercht's death. To him, he was his closest friend in the army. Now he is gone, all because of his previous order. His mind was in disarray, screaming of guilt. Suddenly, a voice rang in his head.

"Erich, wake up..."


16th June 2017, NATO's TaskForce "Speerspitze" 3rd Armored group base, Vërnicë, Kosovo, 20 minutes earlier-

Just after his new gunner introduced herself to him and left him alone, Erich was about to drink his beer when he stopped; his headache soon came. He later place the beer can on top of his table and leaned back against his chair to get some rest. He was tired and deprived of sleep. So he quickly take a nap to soothe his headache.

10 minutes passed, and someone came into Erich's tent.

"Hey Erich" the man tried to wake him up by shaking his shoulder.

"Erich, Wake up..."

Erich later woke up from his quick slumber, ending his dream instantly. His eyes is still half-opened as he stare the man who woke him up.

"Captain Higgendorf? What is it?" Erich greets his captain.

"I have a mission for your platoon" Captain Higgendorf said to him as he placed the map on his table. Erich alter stood from his seat and watched the map together with his captain.

"What is it now?" Erich asked.

"Tomorrow at dawn, operation black serpent will commence to eradicate any resistance at Crven and Soqanicë" He replied.

"And what's our role?" Erich asked again.

"You'll be leading an escort mission" His captain replied.

"Any specific order for this mission, perhaps?"

"I want your platoon to escort American engineer convoy to reach the damaged Ibar Bridge at Mitrovicë for repairs. It will be a short journey for your platoon, 15km north from our base" Higgendorf brief him as he pause for a while. He pointed the map where the river Ibar runs through the middle of a town called Mitrovicë. "Your platoon with escort the American Humvee convoy carrying the engineers safely reaching the town. After that is done, you will establish protective area for the engineers to repair the bridge. Once the bridge is repaired, i want your platoon to guard the bridge until our 2nd Platoon led by the Danish armored group and the American rangers could cross the bridge"

"An escort mission...At... Mitrovicë" Erich quickly jotted the notes on his notebook "ETA?" Erich asked Higgendorf for the time start of his mission.

"I'll notify you once the american team is ready" said Captain Higgendorf.

Erich later reached for his beret cap and later picked up his Mp7 submachinegun that was hanging over his bed. Higgendorf later notice that the uniform he wore still unchanged, the stain of his son's blood was still present on his uniform.

"Hey Erich..." Captain Higgendorf once again call for his name "You don't have to grieve over my son's death..."

"But sir... it was my fault that..."

"Listen, we are not god to predict what will happen in the future. My son... Albercht, is just another casualties of war..." Higgendorf pleads to him.

"I'm sorry sir..." He tried to apologize to his commanding officers.

"If you really want to say sorry, you better don't. Do not squander his death because of you gave a wrong order, instead avenge his death by crushing the terrorism act plaguing this country" Higgendorf pleads to him.

2 minutes later-

"Stop whatever you are doing and mount up guys, we got a mission to do" Erich said to both of them.

"What kind of mission?" Josef focus his attention to his commander, finished maintaining the MG3.

"It's an escort mission to Mitrovicë... i'll talk to you about the operation execution later" said Erich "But first... Joseph, do an ammo count for the tank"

"Roger" Josef replied

"And Hans, restock our machinegun ammo and ration"

"Roger" Hans also replied, later heading towards the Procurement tent for ammunition and ration foods.

"Wh-What about me sir?" Erica still stuttered of nervousness, asked Erich.

"As for you, check your seat inside that tank" he ordered Erica "I know fresh crew like you are taught to handle more modern tanks like our Leopard 2A6. This will be a different experience for you, so know your position at the tank" Erich said to her as he pats the tank's engine deck.

Erica later tried to climb onboard the Leopard 1A5; slightly confused, but partially anxious. He entered from the Commander's hatch landing feet first on the commander's seat. right in front of her vision, the gunner compartment. She later moved from the commander seat to her gunner seat. She almost slipped while maneuvering on the tight spaces between the gunner and commander seat; at one point her head almost knocks to the commander's periscope.

It was confined enough to move around, however for a nimble person like herself, it was manageable. The turret control stick protrude from all of the equipment displayed on her sight followed by the 2 optical sight; one is for the coaxial machine gun , one for the main gun. She might get used to it easily in short notice since that there was little difference of manning the gunner position of this tank to the Leopard 2 she used as training back at Germany.

Next to her seat was the large 105mm L7 gun breech, separated only by the steel bars and holed metal sheet from her position. She could see Josef counting the ammunition just next to the breech. Josef later finished counting the ammunition and stood from his loader's seat; half of his body is now outside of the tank.

"Erich, we got 43 ammo stowed in the hulls, and only 2 rounds stowed in the turret" Josef gave the situation report to him "18 APDS rounds, 15 HEAT rounds, and 10 HEP rounds at the Hull stowage and 2 HEAT rounds at the turret ready stowage"

Later, Hans returned back with trolley full of ammunition and rations needed for the tanks.

"Erica!" Erich later yelled her name.

"Yes sir?" Erica quickly popped out from the tank's commander hatch.

"I need you to assist Hans with the main gun ammunition loading." He issues order to Erica and Hans "pick up some ammunition there" He pointed his finger to the crates containing the 105mm rounds for the tank.

"What kind of rounds?" Hans stopped for a second to ask him.

"Load up 6 HEAT shells and 5 APDS"

"Roger" Hans complying with the order "Erica, follow me"

"Okay" she responded and hopped out of the tank to assist the loading.

While the tank is being prepped for loading, it's a matter of time before the operation started, and Erich head towards the other tank of his platoon to brief the mission. It's only a matter of time before the mission starts for Erich's tank platoon. Above the sky, US Apache attack helicopter flew past their position for their gun-run mission heading towards north.

To be continued...
Sasha by sai3108
Finished renders of a fictional character;

Sasha Volkov, character created and owned by my friend "Sourkraut"…
i was thinking that i could do a paid commission so that i could get me a good deal of Battleship Hiei kit-model (or diecast, depending on situation)

I have no idea nor clue on how to do this kind of commission because it's my first time doing this.

so any suggestion would be helpful; especially pricing, how to use Paypal, and payment procedue,beucause i have no idea on how to do these *laugh sadly*
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