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Kurosaka "Erie" Erika
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Freelance Illustrator specialize in Military style artwork.

Current operating system:
platform: ASUS X45U
Drawing tablet: WACOM Intuos CTL-480
Current software in use: Inkscape

*Will learn to use SAI in the future*

Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear I love my TABLET stamp by RRRAI Stamp - Mouse User by firstfear

Stamp - Camera User by firstfear Digital artist stamp by WhiteKimahri Wacom Stamp by bigfunkychiken

a big fan of Gunslinger girl
Gunslinger Girl Stamp by justdacat


[Commish] 'Reporting for duty' by sai3108
[Commish] 'Reporting for duty'
A commission request from dead-key

SEAL Catgirl operator with AOR-1 camo pattern, "Lion Gold Squadron" Patch, and MP7 PDW.
Immortal Hounds - 'Wind Chimes' by sai3108
Immortal Hounds - 'Wind Chimes'
Kazama Rin, of the Immortal Hounds manga series.

Currently my favorite character and my newly-anticipated favorite manga :P

Kazama Rin, or as her "Mama" and collegues calls her, "Wind Chimes" is the main protagonist in the story.

The story goes like this;

In an alternate world where Human are immortal, if killed they would be resurrected back and only dies from old age, to them death is a joke as in they would literally kill themselves to cure their own fever, and also used death as joke material in night comedy show. Despite their immortality, guns still exist in this world.

This world's population is roughly 1billion peoples; 6 billions short compared to our real world.

And came the Protagonist, "escape Artist", comprises of 5 characters (also immortal, but in a different way). While normal immortal would just die instantly if their head is severed, fatal gun shot, bodies are mangled, or experiencing blunt force trauma, these protagonists cannot die under any circumstances, even if their head decapitated. Aside from that, they have the ability to use a mysterious muffler-like tentacles to slice and grab object.

these "escape artist" are ; "Mother goose", the one who trained the "escape artist", "Wind Chime" AKA Kazama Rin, the main protagonist, "Facet", "Snow white" and their leader, "Mama"... and also i forgot the 5th guy, he was a guy/vector rescued by the Escape artist and in turn was trained by them to also become escape artist. Their origin currently can be speculated that they came from the IRL world and transformed into immortal and trained by Mother goose.

Their job in this world is to spread a "Disease" called "RDS" [Resurrect deficiency syndrome] that make the immortal people in the alternate world as normal mortal. there's also mortal human, that the immortal call them "vectors" and persistently hunted and killed them. And it's another job for the Escape artist, to rescue these Vectors.

And the protagonist's main enemy is the United Nation themselves, under UNDO (United Nation Disease-controlling Organization). And the main antagonist in the story; Kenzaki Shinichi, a cunning detective that was able to predict the "escape artist" move and trapped them(as in chapter 23).

Currently, in chapter 23; She, alongside Facet, and Mother Goose, tried to rescue the captured Snow white held in UNDO's base, little that they know, they were lured into their trap. The Outcome was gruesome for them; shot point blank, decapitated, and mangled, especially by the "officer" of the UNDO, which happens to possess the same powers as the escape artists. Despite all the "gore", they were alive, captured, and was frozen in a liquid nitrogen tank. currently, i'm waiting for the 24th chapter this end of November :P

Armored warfare- Leopard 1A5 fanart wallpaper by sai3108
Armored warfare- Leopard 1A5 fanart wallpaper
Supposedly, this was the artwork i submitted to Armored Warfare's open contest "What i love about AW"

i can't lie that the thing that i like the most in the game is none other than Leopard 1A5 :P

the whole drawing were based from my old "Edelweiss" Leopard 1A3 that was actually incomplete. I just took the unfinished hull and fill in the details, and replaced the 1A3 turret with 1A5.
Shiranui-Waiting for sortie by sai3108
Shiranui-Waiting for sortie
Few Weeks ago, i held a voting poll on which Kancolle character i should draw. There were 3 choices; Prinz Eugen, Shiranui, and Yuubari. Apparently Shiranui won the voting poll and here she is, finished at last :P

Shiranui (tactical style) waiting for her sortie while drinking Dr Pepper soda :P
Leopard 1 Crew, Armored warfare screenshot by sai3108
Leopard 1 Crew, Armored warfare screenshot
Finally finished downloading Armored warfare... and i love it at first sight.

Surely, people would say "World of tanks copy", but this is 10 times better than WoT.

one of them is this; the ability to change your crew's avatar and names without charge. I end up including a Russo-Italian crew for my Leopard :P
i was thinking that i could do a paid commission so that i could get me a good deal of Battleship Hiei kit-model (or diecast, depending on situation)

I have no idea nor clue on how to do this kind of commission because it's my first time doing this.

so any suggestion would be helpful; especially pricing, how to use Paypal, and payment procedue,beucause i have no idea on how to do these *laugh sadly*
  • Listening to: Ace combat zero sountrack
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  • Watching: Jormungand
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  • Eating: Panini
  • Drinking: coffee

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