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Kurosaka "Erie" Erika
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Freelance Illustrator specialize in Military style artwork.

Current operating system:
platform: ASUS X45U
Drawing tablet: WACOM Intuos CTL-480
Current software in use: Inkscape

*Will learn to use SAI in the future*

Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear I love my TABLET stamp by RRRAI Stamp - Mouse User by firstfear

Stamp - Camera User by firstfear Digital artist stamp by WhiteKimahri Wacom Stamp by bigfunkychiken

a big fan of Gunslinger girl
Gunslinger Girl Stamp by justdacat


Pina and Type-87 by sai3108
Pina and Type-87
There's nothing much i can say about this illustration, though it took me 2 weeks to finish it.
Type-74 tank Special region version by sai3108
Type-74 tank Special region version

unofficial/fan-made Box art of GATE Type 74 tank illustration.

Expecting episode 16, i decides to draw one of my favorite tank, Type 74 "Nana-yon shiki" in GATE style with Rory and Shino on top of the tank. At first, i was planning for only a plain drawing, but later i was inspired to draw it with Tamiya-inspired box art.…
Kuribayashi-Chan by sai3108
3 months i have been trying to draw this character. But when i watched the 13th episode, i decide to start drawing it ASAP. And it was finished just one days after the 14th episode is aired.

Commission slot is still open to anyone.
Inside the M1128- 'Gunner, Scan for target' by sai3108
Inside the M1128- 'Gunner, Scan for target'
Thanks to the success from my previous Stingray light tank illustration, and based from the Votes i have collected, i present to you another Armored Warfare's fan artwork. My initial plan was for another Garage shot like the previous, but i was thinking that i could draw something different; inside the turret of M1128. it took me a lot of works to find reference, but thanks to this video… i was managed to draw it, though some part are not precisely modeled due to lack of further details :P

The interior shot of the M1128 mobile gun system. As the M1128 features auto loader, this negates the need for human loader, and The gunner sat at the left side of the turret while the commander sat at the right side of the turret. The driver is off screen of course :P

(I'm stll open for any commission request, just PM me if interested)

The situation of the M1128 crews in this illustration is as follow-

The Stryker's engine hummed, the sound of the Caterpillar 3126 turbo diesel engine fills the interior. With its four by four driving wheels moving on the barren desert kicked up dust from behind, the M1128 continue to increase speeds while the Stryker's turret traversed form side to side. On her seat, the red-head gunner turned off the main gun safety switch and setting up the ammunition loadout; Now loading HEAT round into the breech. Her M4 assault rifle lays next to her right side while the turret control stick are held by both of her hand.

"Gunner, scan for target" Her commander ordered with a crisp-clear male voice.

"Affirmative" she replied, turning her head towards the Periscope surrounding her view.
Nonna Und Dragunov by sai3108
Nonna Und Dragunov…

Nonna, my favorite Character in Girls und Panzer, with Dragunov sniper rifle.

The reason why i picked SVD is that SVD was originated from AK-47, and AK-47 was invented by a former tank commander (Mikhail Kalashnikov), added with Nonna's precision shooting when manning the IS-2s gun.

In other news, i'm open for any drawing commission now; only 4 open commission slot. If anyone is interested, just PM me.
i was thinking that i could do a paid commission so that i could get me a good deal of Battleship Hiei kit-model (or diecast, depending on situation)

I have no idea nor clue on how to do this kind of commission because it's my first time doing this.

so any suggestion would be helpful; especially pricing, how to use Paypal, and payment procedue,beucause i have no idea on how to do these *laugh sadly*
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nynaiqmal90 Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
Just dropping by here to say "hi" to a fellow Malaysian artist. Also a military fanatic myself, mostly in aircraft. But is also developing some love for armored fighting vehicles too, mainly tanks. Really liking your illustrations, especially your recent entries. Simply colored, yet accurate portrayal of military equipment. So yea, I'll be *points finger at you* watching you from now on!

StrungDisc Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015
Your work is astounding! Keep it up!
I also am a fan of "gun-deres", as they are called. I also have a similar OC. While it may not look that professional, feel free to be inspired! I would love to see her recreated in your eyes :D
Liam2010 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for everything!  Thank for the +FAV +fav :D (Big Grin)  twice! ;) (Wink) 
sai3108 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no prob mate, your photos are really good as a reference material to draw ;)
Liam2010 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, I see. :) I hope there is more you can use. :D
HollywoodMarine2171 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015
Happy birthday! :D
FRIEND711 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Happy birthday! Have a nice one! 
Dreamerforever2004 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015
Happy Birthday :)
Lewiik Featured By Owner May 4, 2015
You draw guns really well! :D
Poloselite23 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Good stuff as always man.
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